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The human figure has long been a source of fascination.  The infinite gestures and nuances provide a full range of expressive potential that suggests poetic possibilities.  Everyone has deep seated relationships with the human figure and will respond in a wide range of ways including emotionally, psychologically, formally and kinesthetically.

The materials surrounding the figures create techo-modern settings suggestive of contemporary life and its related stresses.  The black and yellow hazard stripes, along with caution red, have all the bright festive qualities of a dangerous circus.  The springs quite literally express the tension of life, or the links that bind individuals.

The psychological content of the work is never a conscious decision but rather develops intuitively as the idea grows.  I follow the dictates of the process and allow the materials to express themselves.  

Laminated cherry wood
45" X 32" X 15" w/o base

Oak, the first solid wood sculpture
Longview Museum of Fine Arts
28" x 12.5" x 18.5" w/o base

"Boy Toy Pull Puzzle"
Laminated plywood,
consists of ten take apart pieces.
Artist's Collection
Size:  62"h  X 36"w  36"d

"Motive Shift"
Maple Plywood, consists of six movable pieces that telescope up or down.
Artist's Collection
42" dia. x 72" x variable height

Photo by O. Rufus Lovett

Laminated paralam, a form of plywood, consists of five separate pieces that telescope up and down.
Artist's Collection
Size:  variable

Photo by O. Rufus Lovett

Laminated paralam plywood, consists of eight interlocking pieces that telescope up and down and/or swivel to create a variety of compositions.
Longview Museum of Fine Arts, on loan
Size:  74" (variable) x 40.5" x 35.5"

Photo by O. Rufus Lovett

"Twisting Off"
laminated birch plywood
3 sections that swivel or rotate
h 68" x w 45" x 30"
with base

Another view

The newest sculpture

soft maple
22" depth X 34" wide X variable height
completed 9.12.2010

hinged and sliding components

  • The newest sculpture

"Maple" before the final finish